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"Mom Jeans"

There’s nothing like broken-in, faded, ripped-in-the-right-place jeans. They look great, and more importantly, they fit great. So, keep your eye on the middle circle and you’ll always be in fashion.

  • Crafted in porcelain by our factory in Poland
  • Designed and decorated in the USA
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe—BUT for best results, a light hand-washing helps preserve the color print
  • Plate measures 10 1/2” in diameter

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Angel (Oswego, US)
Love it Love it

Served Xmas dinner on them it was a great success awesome fun 😊

Fiona A. (Jacksonville, US)
Love these!

Love these plates!! Really helps keep my portion size in control. Sometimes I want to eat more than 609 calories in a day, then I pull this plate out and it reminds me why I'm starving myself. Thank you Pourtions!

Lauri S. (Littleton, US)
Love the Mom Jeans plate

We cracked up when we first saw the plate. It is a great conversation starter at the dinner table for anyone seeing it for the first time. My teenage boys love the size and shape becuase it fits more food for their growing athletic appetites.

Kimberly (Chaska, US)
Mom Jean's Dinner Plate

So funny! ...and makes you "aware"... I don't actually use the plate for eating on - just a conversation piece on the table :)

...same here Desiree T. and Melba H. " When i first saw them on the news about "fat shaming," I didn't get mad at the sayings. I got mad that I couldn't find them to buy them."

...and because of those people, social media and the news being so ridiculous and just trying to find something to complain and be mad about - I bought TWO!!!

Riley (Moline, US)
I love the humor!

And I love that it's a very large plate to serve from, also.