Gift Giving Guide

Gift Giving Guide

From Thanksgiving to New Year's, celebrations abound! (And OVER-celebrating can ruin your day-after). And since regret and resolutions may follow close behind, here are a few more ideas to make moderation a habit that will last a lifetime:

Mix it Up

Oprah was onto something when she chose One Part Co for her "Favorite Things". Pair their unique mixes with our perfectly pourtioned glasses and you're done with the shopping! Gintoinca, Barrel Old-Fashioned, Citropolitain and any of their Wine Cocktail mixes will fit the bill.

Keeping it simple & sweet, our go-to bubbly is Betty Buzz. Their five flavors plus a classic Tonic Water are sublime on their own or paired with your favorite liquor. Mary's favorite is Meyer Lemon with a splash of Ketel One (view their fantastic "Moderation is Marvelous" video here). Betty's Ginger Beer is great for a cold too!

No-Go or Go-Low!

Not always available in local liquor stores due to state liquor laws (here in NY, anything that doesn't have alcohol can't be sold in liquor stores...don't get us started), but all offer shipping options.

  1. Monday Zero Alcohol Gin  Produced in Southern California, this one hits all the notes: crisp, botanical and accessible
  2. Caleno Dark & Spicy Pairs nicely it with Betty Buzz's Ginger Beer & a squeeze of lime
  3. Oddbird Domaine De La Prade Organic Non-alcoholic wine has come a long way since Mary was pregnant (yech!). This organic blend of Merlot & Shiraz has gotten rave reviews
  4. Sinzero Chardonnay Yummy with salads & seafood, this non-alcoholic white hits the mark
Tool for Tippling

Sometimes we all need a little help, no shame in that. Sunnyside is an amazing group of supportive people who are always there to assist. They have an app that will track your progress, whether it is Dry January or Moderation March. Its automatic prompts throughout the day (and night) will keep you on the straight & narrow. Add to that, their private Facebook page is an international support group of like-minded individuals in a judge-free zone.



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